Danjyo Hiyoji

Jakarta, Indonesia

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Danjyo launched in 2001 as an independent local label based on trends devised by co-owners Dana Maulana and Syarifah Liza Mashita based in Cililin raya (no 12.A Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta).
‘The original concept for us was to create exciting fashion items through domestic production which would replicate global trend rapidly. Customers could get their hands on the latest fashion item for a reasonable price.

Danjyo has long been a haven for style-savvy individuals in Jakarta. With Danjyo being primarily a women’s wear label, in 2009 it joined forces with Rama Adrianus Dauhan men’s wear label ‘Hiyoji’.

The brand changed its name to Danjyo-Hiyoji and became both a men’s and women’s wear label moving away from Danjyo’s old ways and into a new collaborative mission to create exciting fashion based on trend but also to showcase a strong wearable realistic designs in our ready-to-wear collections.

Seeking inspiration from youth spirit, Danjyo-Hiyoji explore individuality and modernity, creating chic and flattering collections season after season which ooze confidence. Their defined style and unique aesthetic transcend trends.

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