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Who am I?? SurfAngel*~ ..Jedi Princess.. StarDreamer.. Alchemystical Creature of Magical Realms.. I am the Queen of Hearts.. Creative.. Imaginative.. Deeply Connected to the Universe.. Intuitive.. Anchored into the Deeper Truth.. Strong-Willed but I'll let you think you got your way & you'll like it.. lol.. Dreamer.. Multimedia Visual Artist.. Social Artist.. Muse.. Vibrational Energy Healer.. Conscious Evolutionary Co-creator.. Geek/Nerd.. Astronomy Freak. I ♥ Balance.. Freedom.. Nature.. Hiking.. Sustainability.. Animals.. Art.. Design.. Music.. Science.. Exploration.. Adventure.. Health & Well-Being of Body & Mind.. Bliss-Awesome Massages.. Cooking "Like Water For Chocolate" & being Yummy. I'm Easy-Going & Laid Back but love to have Wicked Badass FUN.. Rockin' the Beat.. Groovin' & Chillaxin' with Cool Peepz & Breaking BadAss. Let's Roll!!

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