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I Am a lover of all things Canon! I have an XH-A1, HFS-10, T1i and a 7D. I also sell Canon products and other pro video equipment as well. I lived in Alaska for 16 years and my wife and I plan on moving back. I have a great time shooting video and stills....just not much time to post them! :) I have also been shooting with the Canon XF300 and found that i can't put the thing down...FANTASTIC camera.


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  1. As always.....Superb job! I look forward to the day we can get together. The flow is great all the cuts are just right. Fantastic job!
  2. Good presentation! I learned a few new things in the short time you were able to speak.
  3. Seth Hampton commented on Noah
    Josh he type of tape should not matter. I have been using dvm60's for years in HDV camas without issues. It might be a compression setting in Vegas.