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Born in 1971 in Paris, Fred Chemama a.k.a mira lives and work in Brussels. His fields of exploration are rooted in the production of images through actions aiming to question his media. His creativity is interdisplinary : photography, video, multimedia art and installations. He proves keen to mix ancient photographic techniques, early filming styles and new media potential. His research brought him to take an interest in pre-cinema, semiotics and body movements.


How could anyone stay insensible to Matthieu Ha’s world, his counter-alto voice, and bewitching melancholies of his faithful accordion? For him, it all started in the streets of Brussels, where his music first entered the European capital’s bloodstream. He wrote for theatre and cinema, at the same time participating in several artistic residencies across Europe. These experiences resulted in - among other opportunities – an invitation to play at the Pompidou centre for Boris Lehman’s retrospective, and in front of Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde of Belgium.

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