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While the play on words has been used through the internet, in the right entertainment circles, there is only one true "psylent.knight." From director, writer, voice and live actor, to electronic composer, he's made a sound name for himself throughout the web, even if under other names as well.

"Though I was making music under the ‘Victor Creed’ name, I was always interested in doing video editing after a friend of mine got me interested," he reflects, "there were tons of AMV's (Anime Music Videos) we'd watch and I was always coming up with ideas, but didn't get to start making them for years. Once I did, it was like I opened the creative floodgates to a new outlet."

From there, he had been introduced to not only the concept of fan-based voice over projects (or fandub), but took the chance to take part of a few, leading to the creation of his first fandub, "The Kennedy Report: Resident Evil 4," which also combined fan fiction and machinima elements to create a new story around the existing plot of the famed horror series.

Along with writing, directing, and co-starring, Richard has also done the score to The Kennedy Report. "This was my chance to get my John Carpenter on," he laughs, "as he was the first director I knew of that would also score his work. Though most of it was made exclusive for the series, I made sure I had placed music that fit with the miasma of both the established world, and the new one I built around it."

With many different voice acting projects under his belt and under way, Psylent still keeps busy with other projects to helm. His most current one being the audio drama "Flashpoint: Sonic the Hedgehog," a more mature take on the video game franchise that he claims "is a fan-fiction in definition only...created as a personal dare to give a childhood icon a unique edge." He hopes, in time, to have created a new, more original production now that Flashpoint has finished, as well as have time to produce a new music review series to come in the later months.


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