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It was John Keats, the Romantic Poet, who said, "That which is creative must create itself." This literary genius was the subject of my doctoral thesis, "The Alchemy of Art: A Study in the Creative Evolution of the Mind of John Keats", written in partial fulfillment of the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in English Literature at the University of Nebraska in 1967. As a college teacher for ten years I taught Creative Writing and Screenwriting at Northwestern University, Tulane University, Salve Regina University, The University of Rhode Island and at the United States Naval Academy Preparatory School. Self-realization and self-creation has been always the implicit theme of both my teaching and of my life. My primary dream and personal motivation throughout my career has been the creative power of Love: to such an extent that I have become my dream to the fullest extent. This is why they call me Doctor Love. Repeatedly people say, "Stars Above, it's Doctor Love!" This is who I am. This is because I created Love Day, on July 29, 1976 which has become an annual celebration in my hometown of Newport, Rhode Island, where the city's motto, "Amor Vincet Omnia./Love Conquers All" is emblazoned on the city flag, which I have been instrumental to implement and promulgate by causing the flag with this message of Love to fly throughout this beautiful City by the Sea, where Love is in the air everywhere because of me. The Story of Love is the story I am living to the fullest extent by creating a personal philosophy of “Lovolution”, which I theorize must replace Revolution in order to creatively provide the advance and fulfillment of the successful purposes of Evolution. So, I see myself as an “Amorior”, or warrior of Love; and, I see myself as a living movie portraying the process of this fulfillment. For thirty years I have lived here in the Paramount Theatre Building at 76 Broadway, Studio 504 in Newport, Rhode Island. It was here in the year 1929 that my Grandfather George H. Sullivan, Sr. became Chief Projectionist and here he was still working on October 2, 1939, the day that I was born. So, I became the living realization he projected into what has become the movie of my life. In French, the language I love, I choose to call myself: "Le Dernier Spectacle"--"The Late Show". I am currently composing a screenplay entitled "The Egg is Love", which I began to write many years ago, when I was a post-doctoral scholar at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland in 1968. I one day happened upon a group of actors who were being filmed performing John Lennon's "I am the Walrus" in the Niederdorf of Zurich. This was the stimulus for me to begin writing my script about a man with an egg in his mouth. In French "the egg" is "l'oeuf", which is pronounced "love", making my Egg Man, symbolize the “Man of Love”, which is my identity, as Doctor Love. Therefore, this screenplay, my work in progress, is actually my dream of myself and the opus of my self-realization. It is, therefore, my “that-which-is-creative” creating itself.


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