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Julianne Rooney studied English and Film at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. Her interests include video editing, public art exhibition, and screenwriting. In 2009 she interned for Marge Casey + Associates editorial photography agency and assisted the NYC gallery opening of Bill Diodato, a fashion photographer who has been featured on America’s Next Top Model.

The following year, Julianne and Josh Greenblatt started the student organization OpenMedia McGill at McGill University, a satellite group to OpenMedia.ca. Open to students at Concordia University, McGill, UQAM, and Universite de Montreal, the group’s mandate is to ensure equal access to unbiased news while supporting young cultural creators and citizen producers.

In the summer of 2011 Julianne worked as an acquisitions researcher for Women Make Movies, the leading distributor of films made by women.

Julianne is currently working for the Global Film Initiative as a distribution associate and graphic designer.


For questions about freelance editing jobs please contact via email - julianne.e.rooney@gmail.com


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