Justin Jerome Chance

BC, Canada

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movies, films, shorts, media, pictures in motion in sequence, all are amazing ot look at, be in, be a part of, and mostly CREATE...
I do..I see...so I am here....


  1. Southern Souls
  2. robert valley
  3. george wat-sky
  4. Dmitri Pütsepp
  5. Jack Chute
  6. Jimmy Daggett
  7. dor30blues
  8. La Serie Online
  9. OuYeah!
  10. Dan Britt
  11. Definitive Jux
  12. Zofiafotoeule
  13. DerrickComedy
  14. Inigo Quilez
  15. James Ricker
  16. Alex²
  18. movements by Shar

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  1. Awesome music and awesome video I really enjoyed that thnx, Respect....