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  1. TSO Photography
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  1. The GoPro Hero3 also does 720p120 and 1080p60. If the lens is acceptable the GoPro is your answer. The PX-100 is coming in March, but no new resolution or rates than the PX-10. The big improvement is the packaging and the tablet app for sports…
  2. Yeah, I have the GoPro Hero3 now. It's tops actually with 848x480@240 fps and the image quality is fantastic. If you need narrower field of view, the Casio EX-ZR1000 does 512x384@240hz continuously as well. The JVC GC-PX10 does not have as good…
  3. The GoPro Hero3 also does a good 240hz and 120hz if the lens is acceptable for your needs. All of these cameras that are under $1000 don't compare to the NEX-FS700U for creating HD video. But the GoPro is currently king of price performance in…
  4. Hey that's some great work there. Those waves are way too dangerous looking for me to even contemplate, but amazing to see somebody out there conquering them!