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David Kinsella Productions AS is producing international documentary films.
In 1981 David Kinsella won the Northern Ireland Press Photographer of the year, at the age of 16. In 1991 he moved to Norway. During his career he has won a total of 58 major awards for his documentary work in both photo and film, including 4 times Press Photographer of the year in Norway and 3 times Press Photographer of the year in Ireland. In 2006 David Kinsella directed, filmed and edited his first film Love Letters from a children’s prison. The film was nominated by the American Film Institute for Best feature length film documentary of 2006. Love letters from a children’s prison was also the most successful Norwegian documentary in 2006. In 2008 David Kinsella’s A Beautiful Tragedy was nominated for the prestigious Norwegian Amanda award for best documentary.( Amanda is the Norwegian Oscar for film ) In 2009 David Kinsella was again nominated for a Amanda for best documentary for his Killing Girls. 2009 David Kinsella won the prestigious Jury award at the 2009 Aljazeera International documentary Film Festival in Doha Qatar and both the European Grand Prix for best documentary in the Golden Chest festival in Bulgaria, and the overall Grand Prix award at the Egyptian Film Institutes 13th Ismalia International festival for documentaries and short films.
To this date David Kinsella’s project pilots have over 4.1 million subscribers in Youtube and David Kinsella.com. The latest film Killing girls had over 900 pages of comments before the film was finished..

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