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Writer/director/actor @ Dark Image Films
Theatre: Actor-Richard in George Freeks "Waiting For Julia", UCA Festival of One Act Plays 2009
Film: Production Manager- Casey Kucera's "The Color of Blood" 2010
Film:Actor/Co-Director-"Different Way" Music video, student project. 2010
Film: Actor-Phillip in Libin Qin's "Suicidal Appointment" 2010
Film: Director-"Secrets" Student Project, Narrative short 2010
Film:Crew-Boom Op/SFX in Ben Arons "Southwind" 2010
Film: Director- for team UCA Film/Psi Delta Kappa "The Woman With The Red Lips" Little Rock 48hr FF entry 2010
Film: Crew-1st Asst. Cameraman in Mike Gunter's "Chutes and Gates" 2010
Film: Crew-Grip in Lesley Allen's "9th Inning Wedding" 2010
Film: Crew-Grip Bryan Dawson's "Victorville" 2010
Film: Cameraman for ShadowBox Audio/Video production's filming of the live performance of Bonnie Mongomery's "Billiy Blythe" opera. 2010
Film: Writer/director-"The Stranger Within" 2010 (postponed)
Film: Writer/director-"Farewell" 2012
Film: Cinematographer/Editor-Rine & Chandlers "Chipped" 2013
Film: Cinematographer/Editor-Rine & Chandlers "Oaks Past" 2013
Film: Cinematographer/Editor-Rine & Chandlers "Field Day" 2013 (post-production)

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