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Brooklyn born actor, Steve DiGennaro has built a reputation as the kind of actor who can bring the most mundane characters to life in the most interesting ways.
On the page, some roles appear not to have much to them but in the hands of Mr. DiGennaro, they come to life precisely as needed to keep an audience engaged.
Steve portrayed Norman Bulansky, the Nathan Lane role in the play “The Boys Next Door”. A fictional character that was imbued with such a level of pathos and realism that it made one feel like they were watching a documentary on stage.
Steve has also portrayed real life characters as well. In the TV show, “I Married A Mobster” he played the role of real life ex-convict, Michael DeLucia to great acclaim.
In 2011 Steve produced and created the sketch comedy show, “Whatever Goes TV” which will soon be turned into an indie movie.
Steve’s depiction of the small but pivotal role of Frankie in Comedy Flo Entertainments “Philly Furnished” made such an impact with viewers that his character was showcased in the follow up film, “Mama Needs A Ride”.

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