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Seventeen years ago, I began to work as electric in TV shows, publicity and later in movies like, The Broken Arms by Pedro Almodóvar, i worked with the best DOP in Spain, Javier Aguirresarobe, Jose Luis Alcaine, etc... While i carried the Arrilights, kinoflo, i liked to think how they did it, what staff they used for the different situation, it was the best school ever. At the same time i used to work as camera operator for Tv shows, documentary, and my owns movies. There was a time that i wanted to work as DOP... thats all.

Thats the why 5 years from now, I decide to study in Septima Ars Cinema School and since then i have been working with different producer like, , Iris Visual Media, Petra Garmon, Mansion Clapham, The Ant Company, and agencies like, Señora Rushmore, Ogilvy, Grey, etc...

Now, i try to keep awake to still learning and enjoin this profession.

Ivan Sanchez Alonso

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