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Barry originally trained as a molecular biologist & neuroscientist. After completing his PhD in 1996, he then spent around 8 years exploring various aspects of neurological illnesses, such as Parkinson’s disease, before deciding his heart lay in more overtly creative terrain. So, in 2005, he decided to leave academic research to start his own company, digitalis media - a means of exploring science through words and film - stories.

His book, The Rough Guide to the Brain, was originally released by Penguin in 2007 and the second, updated, edition is now available. In 2009, he then managed to create several well-received short online science films and his 3 Minute Wonder’s - Life After Coma (Mosaic Films, Channel 4, 2009. In 2010, he filmed, directed and edited eight short documentaries for Routes (Oil, Channel 4 and The Wellcome Trust), a BIMA winning online fusion of genetics, drama, documentary and gaming. He is now working with the Wellcome Trust as their Science Multimedia Producer (filmmaker) where he attempts to ‘de-corporate’ their film output, bringing humanity to science. He has no idea what the future holds (and prefers it that way).

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