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Traverse Mountain, UT

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Skip Weeks
2598 Pebble Creek Lane
Traverse Mountain, UT 84043

 Founder and President of InfoCentre, ( an executive mentoring and business consulting company, specializing in Web Development and Internet technologies and helping companies exceed their goals by implementing creative
financing, marketing, sales, and business strategies that leverage corporate resources to empower client companies
to succeed. Specializing in Private Placements. (

 Vice President of Sales for, an Internet company delivering mobile coupons via cell phones throughout the United States.

 President & CEO – KW Nexus, LLC (Now KANZEN LLC – a semiconductor chip
design company which owns the patent to Nano Emission technology. Raised $1.6M to fund R&D & commercialization efforts for the firm.

 President & CEO of R2 Financials, Inc. – a venture capital firm headquartered in New York City specializing in technology, healthcare, real estate and financial services. Raised $1M in private placement to fund the firm.

 CEO of Noomail Management S.A. of Luxembourg – founded and managed this worldwide web-based email and
business services company. ( – renamed launched in 2007). Raised over 1 million
Euros to fund operations from one of the largest VC funds in Europe (

 Served as Senior Business Analyst for Squire & Company, PC, ( the largest locally-owned
Certified Public Accounting and Management Consulting firm in Utah. Provided management consulting services and
Microsoft Great Plains accounting software.

 Served as Senior Business Analyst for International Profit Associates of Chicago (
Traveled throughout the United States meeting with clients and conducting intensive business analysis. Sold $5.4
million in consulting work within five months.

 President, CEO and co-founder of, an Internet company specializing in the financial industry. Oversaw the company during its formative early stage, developed the business and marketing plan. Implemented all marketing and sales initiatives for the company. Raised over $600,000.00 through private placement. Designed and oversaw the development of proprietary software applications to service the financial industry.

 As President, C.E.O. and founder of Action Plus Software, a world leader in contact management and personal productivity software, bootstrapped the start-up of the company, managed all day to day operations, interviewed, hired and trained management and staff positions. Personally designed and managed the development of all software products and upgrades for all products over a six year period.

 Served as Vice President of Technology for Franklin-Quest Company (Now called Franklin-Covey (, the world's leading provider of time management seminars and day planner products. Managed staff of 65+ employees in the company's technology division and served on the corporate Executive Management Committee. Responsible for development of the Ascend product

 Served as Vice President of Marketing & Sales for Engineering Geometry Systems – acquired by Delcam in 2005
( Developed the business and marketing plan to productize
3D computer aided visualization and manufacturing technology from the University of Utah and negotiated a $1 million strategic alliance with Bridgeport Machines and launched worldwide distribution and promotion for innovative CAD/CAM software developed by the company.

 Formed and successfully managed companies in various industries including Software, Computers, Restaurants,
Interior Design, Mining, Real Estate, Sales & Marketing Consulting Internet, Mortgage Lending & Food Distribution and responsible for budgets of over $15 million annually, including staffs of over 500 employees. Licensed mortgage loan officer. After acquiring a company losing in excess of $500,000.00 per year, was responsible for eliminating the loss and increasing annual profits to over $360,000.00. Responsible for the targeting of potential corporate acquisitions and acted as a principal negotiator in the purchase of businesses valued at over $5 million.

 Extensive successful experience in fund raising, venture capital negotiations, investor presentations and deal structuring. Extensive active relationships in the venture capital and investment communities.

 Responsible for the launch of numerous products, including development of all strategic marketing plans, collateral
materials, national and regional advertising, public relations, road shows, product packaging, and trade shows. Hired
and trained scores of successful sales professionals.

 Author of "Business Really Does Grow Like Trees". A book about re-engineering business around the law of the
harvest. The book is a step-by-step guide to help owners and managers of businesses to find greater satisfaction and
profitability in their professions while making their companies more responsive to the needs of their customers.

 Developed the popular Critical Path Selling System. A system that imposes structure in the sales cycle and enables
sales professionals to sell more in less time. Expert in automating the selling process including direct mail,
telemarketing, and managing prospect databases.

 Managed the fastest growing Entre' Computer Center in the history of the company. Generated over $6 million in
revenues within the first seven months of operations.

 Formed and managed Pacific Dynasty Foods, a Food Distribution Company that grossed over $8 million in its first
year of operation.

 Conducted a successful worldwide marketing campaign to sell a $10.5 million Mansion in La Jolla, California.

 Expert in the development of strategic business plans and marketing plans.

 Produced marketing and training and marketing video tapes distributed worldwide for various companies.

 Traveled extensively throughout the United States, Europe and the Far East conducting technical and sales training
courses for salespeople and distributors.

 Developed successful public relations campaigns resulting in thousands of customer interest inquiries at little or no

 Engineered numerous successful direct mail campaigns that brought returns as high as 28% response/purchase

 Developed numerous successful Internet sites and developed numerous successful business plans and marketing
plans for Internet companies.

 Responsible for the installation of hundreds of computer systems throughout the world.

 Designed and implemented scores of commercial business software programs developed to automate and streamline
the business activities of several companies in the Health Care, Distribution, Banking, Insurance, Food Services, and
Real Estate, Venture Capital and residential mortgage industries.

 These software systems were developed using various languages including Assembler, C++, Java, C, various
Databases, PHP, SQL & HTML.

 Developed statistical multivariate analysis system used by Zions Bank (a major regional bank headquartered in
Utah) to determine whether to honor NSF checks for over 125 bank branches every night. Has been online for over
seven years.

 Worked with hundreds of companies to design and develop custom software programs to automate sales and
marketing functions, statistical analysis, Executive Information Systems, and accounting programs.

 Managed teams of high-level programmers and successfully produced numerous commercial software titles for
domestic and international distribution. Worked within budgets and deadlines to deliver products and upgrades on a
regular basis. Balanced resources to meet aggressive delivery schedules. Motivated members of programming teams
to product beyond expectations. Developed complete technical specifications to direct the efforts of the programming
staff while also making it understandable to customers and clients.

 Personally produced numerous software user manuals from start to finish. Experienced technical writer, proficient
with all word processing, desktop publishing, and graphics programs.

 Personally designed and supervised development of a complete Windows-based Accounting system, as well as a
Windows-based Contact Management/Sales Force Automation system and numerous Internet-based applications.

 Extensive experience in FrontPage and Microsoft Expression Web development as well as graphic design tools,
including Photoshop, PageMaker, InDesign, Quark and Microsoft Office tools

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