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The ultimate mind, body and spirit behind Condition for Life, Mike Rizk brings over a decade of movement conditioning expertise to the fitness and wellness community. Mike’s approach is rooted in the foundations of Applied Functional Science. His understanding serves as a platform to the progressive and consistent results his clients experience daily.

Mike’s unique background in personal training, soft tissue therapy and chain reaction biomechanics allow him to deliver a 360º solution for C4L clients. He specifically crafted Corrective Movement Therapy, a holistic approach combining manual therapy, joint specific mobilization and activity specific strength, to enable his clients to lead capable, comfortable and confident lifestyles.

Mike has also pioneered GIVE 12, a resourceful conditioning program that empowers its participants with the knowledge they need to lead a physically active, movement-inspired lifestyle, promoting independence from gyms and equipment while positioning them to become and remain their own solution.

Mike is fueled by the deep relationships he builds with clients and believes the key to unlocking potential lies in each individual’s environment. By helping clients balance the demands of life with the resources of the body-mind-spirit, Mike strategically conditions each client at their threshold in an inspiring and extremely supportive way.

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