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DAVID DUNLOP David Dunlop is a nationally known painter, art historian, and teacher who has lectured throughout the country, including at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. His paintings are in national and international private and corporate collections. He is a classically trained artist, receiving his Masters of Fine Arts at Pratt Institute, and he was awarded a 2009 Emmy for the PBS series Landscapes through Time with David Dunlop. David has an enthusiastic, inspiring and informative teaching style, sharing his wide knowledge and passion for art history, painting theory and art techniques with the audience in a warm and engaging manner.

CONNIE SIMMONS Connie Simmons is the producer, director of Landscapes Through Time with David Dunlop and she was awarded a 2009 Emmy for the Series. She is a painter who has studied with David Dunlop and she produced and directed the series of DVDs with him that served as the inspiration for their PBS series. She began her career as an entertainment lawyer in private practice, working with film companies such as New Line Cinema and Miramax. Connie left private practice in 1990 to serve as vice president at Columbia Tri Star. Connie was part of the management team that launched the Food Network in 1993, where she served as its Executive Vice President.

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