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I am experienced in both TV and corporate production and have won many awards for my work. My aim, always, is to tell exciting well crafted stories using compelling images. The BBC’s iScience won a 2009 Royal Television Society Education Award and Discovery’s Guge - The Lost Kingdom Of Tibet won the Gold Award for History at the 2008 Houston Film and Television Festival.

I enjoy interviewing high-profile subjects and know how to put people at ease in front of the camera whilst drawing the best comments from them. I believe that one of my most crucial skills is encouraging great performances from almost anyone - children, the elderly, the homeless, or professors, company executives and celebrities.

I am a confident self - shooter and I own and operate a full Canon 5D MK2 kit, including multiple lenses and LED panel lights and mini cams. I am proud to have written, directed and shot the 2011 Lord Mayors Charity Appeal. I am also experienced operating Canon XF305 and Sony EX3 cameras.

I enjoy the challenge of complicated graphics, underwater, aerial and multi-camera filming. I also have a full CRB certificate.

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