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Mikiki is a “non-discipline-based artist” with emphasis on community-based practices and radical queer performance. Mikiki has studied at Concordia and NSCAD toward a Bachelor of Fine Arts and has shown work through Artist-Run Centres, Public Galleries and self-produced interventions across the country. Mikiki was the former director at TRUCK in Calgary and programming coordinator at Eastern Edge Gallery in St. John's. Born and raised in Newfoundland, they have been a drag queen for more than a decade, having started young doing benefit shows in Newfoundland's punk scene. Throughout their time in St. John’s, they explored the complexities of sexual orientation, gender identity through performance. Mikiki has lived in Ottawa, Calgary, Saskatoon, San Francisco, Halifax and Montreal though currently, Mikiki resides in Toronto, where they have been working with sexual and reproductive health and wellness, while continuing their performance and video practice.


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