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  1. DanzaNet TV

    by DanzaNet TV joined

    188 Videos / 54 Members

    All about contemporary dance in the world. Share your productions as choreographer and/or filmaker. Lets see what's happening in the XXI Century with this wanderfull performance art.

  2. danceDANCEdance

    by Aharon Rothschild joined

    1,444 Videos / 511 Members

    This is the place to post videos of dance and dance performance. You can post anything and everything dance related, your performances, your promos, or anything you find inspiring.

  3. Contemporary Dance and Art Video Group

    by Josanne Buiting joined

    206 Videos / 130 Members

    Showing the work of contemporary choreographers, musicians and video art. Also sharing the joy of filming and if possible share knowledge ;-)

  4. Public Art

    by Olaf Henze joined

    11.3K Videos / 3,118 Members

    A space for any kind of PUBLIC ART: Group will display paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, installations, media, music, dance, fashion&style, interesting people and so on. Join us! Watch…

  5. Dubstep

    by el Bizarro // a kiwara joined

    514 Videos / 301 Members

    Dubstep music of all kinds brought to you in Vinyl/Higher Quality to ensure listening pleasure and cultivate the taste of bass.

  6. Contemporary artz

    by Steve Ozeki joined

    812 Videos / 272 Members

    Dance and other

  7. Dance and Live Performance

    by seventhsonvideo joined

    3,397 Videos / 934 Members

  8. Dance on Camera

    by Ludovic Jolivet joined

    3,797 Videos / 1,220 Members

    This group is for dancers, choreographer, videographers, and other artists interested in video to give a new dimension to dance.

  9. videodance

    by ailatanotos joined

    694 Videos / 200 Members

    Este grupo está creado pensando en todos aquellos que usan Vimeo y aman la danza y comparten sus creaciones en video danza.

  10. dance

    by Alex Gollner joined

    4,190 Videos / 1,478 Members

    A community for those interested in watching and creating dance. A place for videos featuring dancers of all kinds - from individuals to large groups, from traditional to modern, from choreographed…

  11. contemporary dance

    by karl paquemar joined

    561 Videos / 209 Members

  12. Contemporary dance

    by Images de danse joined

    6,655 Videos / 2,618 Members

    Contemporary dance, modern dance, performance, Tanztheater, butoh are welcome. NO CLASSICAL BALLET, NO HIP HOP, NO TRADITIONAL DANCES PLEASE. Irrelevant videos will be deleted

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