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Adrienne Scalo is a New York based filmmaker. Originally from Florida, she attended the prestigious Lois Cowles Harrison School of the Visual and Performing Arts majoring in Theater and Voice. She then attended the distinguished Boston Conservatory of Music as a Musical Theater Major. She went on to perform in a number of theater productions, before switching her focus to film directing, and will complete her BA in Film Production in Fall
2014. Her thesis film "Different" is a provocative dramatic film about a young gay man who is living with a secret. The film was inspired by Adrienne’s original song "Time to be Free!" featuring Charles King and produced by Linda Beasley, which is also featured in the film. Adrienne has recently co produced and co directed her first feature film, "Murder Bunny" with Roman Rivera. "Murder Bunny" is a horror film about a murderous mascot on a killing spree in a high school. Adrienne also directed the documentary, "Chasing the Dream!" about the infamous downtown NYC performer Bridget Everett, which was screened at the Kent theater in Brooklyn, NY and can now be seen on Vimeo.


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  1. good. i'd still add a thud or something for the lizard. the song is one of my favorites, but i'd work on getting an original instead that you can get rights to