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  1. Elliot BRIERY commented on Cut Off
    Loved it !
  2. Elliot BRIERY commented on Le Sniper
    genial ! j'ai adoré. humour sadique ;)
  3. Bravo pour ce petit film ! J'ai beaucoup aimé la simplicité et le style, qui rendent le message d'autant plus puissant. Erika Sainte joue son role a la perfection, et les dialogues sont simples et ne sombrent pas dans la vulgarité, ce qui rare et…
  4. I agree with both of you. This video gave me a sense of anger, anger at this appalling man, but also frustration that comes from the lack of confrontation. It does give this video a very powerful message, but it leads the viewer with a sad feeling,…
  5. I wish i was under the snow, gees... This vid is proof that short isn't a bad thing. I love the colours Good on ya
  6. bravo ! j'ai adoré la trompette excellent theme et les animations sont super sympa