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Send your new music or scan your signed art/photography and send it to for the OPPORTUNITY OF FREE ADVERTISEMENT!

Rukus Clothing - Wear a Voice is more than your average clothing line.... It's a LIFESTYLE!!!

Rukus Clothing - Wear a Voice is action sports and high fashion wear designed to fuse fashion, music, sustainability, and the action sport lifestyle.

We offer clothing comprised of discarded articles that—through artistic collaboration—advertises musicians and artists. Whether it’s an added song to your new and incredibly handy attached music playlist or a sketch/photo printed on the clothes, Rukus - Clothing with a Voice creates an environment where artistically talented individuals are called upon to let their uniqueness create works of art that anyone can wear.

Our vision is to generate a community of individuals who can celebrate their unique talents using fashion as their median, gain artistic confidence, spread awareness of sustainability, the importance of collaboration, and enjoy the positive environment that action sports has to offer!

Fit our vision?! SEND US THE SHWAG!!!!!!

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