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Panos Haritos was born in 1969 in Athens, Greece.He began a working relationship with Athens News Agency in 1997 as a Bureau Chief of Athens News Agency in Albania. The same year he start working for ERT (Hellenic Radio Television). He worked as well for International Media as BBC and Deuche Welle.

Over the past 17 years, Panos Haritos he has covered a variety of events including, civil conflicts and political crisis in Balkans, Mid East, West-Central -North & East Africa, China, Central & South Asia. First assignment it was in Georgia (1994) for the civil war and the crisis with Abkhazia. The same year he travel to Azerbaijan and Armenia for the aftermaths of the earthquake. Two years later he cross from Tanzania in to Zaire 1996 (today Democratic Republic of Congo) and he covered the civil war.

March of 1997 he set up the first office of Athens News Agency in Albania and he cover the Pyramid Schemes story and the Kosovo war.
During the year 2000 he was the only foreign journalist who stayed in Sierra Leone and cover the civil war after the withdrawal of all the foreigners from the country.
2001 he follow the offensive of the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan from the borders of Tajikistan until the fall of Kabul.
He cover the war in Iraq from the American invasion in 2003 and fro the next two years.
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict since the beginning of the Second intifada (September 2000), the 2006 war in Lebanon, the internal conflict in 2007 at the same place and the Palestinian conflict between Hamas-Fatah in Gaza 2007 and the invasion of Israeli army & the war in Gaza in January of 2009.
The Arab Spring and the uprising in Egypt 2011. The uprising in Libya 2011-2012
it's some of the international top stories that he cover for Greek & Foreign media.
During 2012-2013 he directed the 6 episodes documentaries “Coexisting with the saints” for the Greek National television.
He received several prestigious awards for his work in Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Lebanon and Iraq.
The year 2004 he received the most prestigious Greek journalistic prize, the Botsis Foundation Award, from the President of the Greek Republic, Mr. Carolos Papoulias.

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