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  1. Wicked.. Cam used was m9 I believe
  2. Was this recorded via HDMI out and is it clean and useable? Even if clean (no overlays) some cameras have strange field cadence or frame wrappers that won't allow for proper removal of 3:2 pull down to allow for 24p recordings...I had that problem…
  3. Awesome... appreciate the way you work with lighting
  4. What a great use of flare... goes to show.. everyone goes around avoiding something until someone OWNS it
  5. what cam is this?
  6. I think this video seriously misinforms people about how to use a craft like this. He has unsheilded propellors inches away from peoples eyes. That is extremely dangerous. The craft can get a gust of wind, interference, etc and lacerate an eyeball…
  7. If you could show us some primarily low light work with the 5n and the 50mm f1.8 stabalized hand held I would be soooo grateful!! I would love to see different isos!
  8. Brilliant! Sound is awesome, sport is awesome, editing is awesome, footage is awesome and .. shot on a A77??? AWESOME!