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  1. The RAW Timelapse Tutorial: Paying it Forward

    by Preston Kanak joined

    378 Videos / 1,708 Members

    INTRODUCTION The expression “pay it forward” is used to describe the concept of asking that a good deed be repaid to others. It is the belief that by doing good, everyone will benefit.…

  2. Media Arts Channel Group

    by Mark Gould joined

    1,844 Videos / 674 Members

    The Media Arts channel is a moderated, curated group featuring a selection of the most creative work being produced in the areas of media art, moving image, experimental video, and other kinds of…

  3. Painters Group

    by JR joined

    663 Videos / 432 Members

    Any one with a painting talent or artistic abilities. If your an artist with a different twist show your work or your interest's as an artist in the video world.

  4. Art and Artists

    by Scattergood Moore joined

    2,566 Videos / 520 Members

    varies videos on art and artists

  5. commercials

    by Good Vibe Films joined

    2,128 Videos / 496 Members

    This group is all about commercials. Short videos which brigs message. It could be social or commercial piece of work. Thanks to everybody and welcome!

  6. Motion Graphics Demo Reels

    by Andres Fernandez joined

    1,073 Videos / 705 Members

    In this group you can find all Motion graphics Demo Reels. Please users post Demo reels ONLY, If it not a demo it will be removed. Thanks.

  7. Studio Lighting Professional

    by David Maitland joined

    489 Videos / 649 Members

    This group is for all who are interested in studio lighting. For both flash and continuous lighting.

  8. graphic design

    by killermedia joined

    1,048 Videos / 585 Members

  9. artist showcase

    by Bob joined

    3,274 Videos / 711 Members

    This group is about visual artists of every medium. Interviews, documentaries, autobiographies, studio tours and gallery events are perfect for this group.

  10. Made In Portugal

    by DURBAN joined

    3,366 Videos / 675 Members

    Este é o grupo onde podes colocar e desfrutar vídeos relacionados com Portugal. Partilha aqui os teus vídeos com outros utilizadores portugueses. Ficção, Documental,…

  11. -> VIDEOS with DIY MUSIC

    by Olaf Henze joined

    2,489 Videos / 684 Members

    This is a companion group for all videos featuring every kind of diy music/sound. vimeo.com/groups/videoswithdiymusic -> join in and add your stuff!

  12. Astronomy Sky's the Limit!

    by magda mrowiec joined

    1,732 Videos / 740 Members

    Following 2009 International Year of Astronomy. Real time events #Meteorwatch #Eclipses and other night sky events. Sky at night, star gazing. The sky above is what it's all about. Science, Art…

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