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  1. illusion of houdini

    by pulppix joined

    3,151 Videos / 318 Members

    ● houdini R&D ● houdini VFX ● ILLUSION OF LIFE

  2. Unofficial Side Effects Houdini Group

    by young elephant joined

    397 Videos / 282 Members

    anything related to Houdini goes here.

  3. Houdini Club

    by Alexey Denisenko joined

    447 Videos / 423 Members

    Российский клуб изучающих Houdini http://www.sidefx.com

  4. Houdini - Go Procedural

    by IVEMaker joined

    521 Videos / 569 Members

    Houdini and Visual Effects

  5. HoudiniR&D

    by Fxpoet joined

    39 Videos / 64 Members


    by Vitor Teixeira joined

    2,531 Videos / 1,472 Members

    A place not only for Effects Artist but to all creative people that want to learn and share experiences, knowledge in the world of Fluid Simulations. Experiments, Making Of´s, Tutorials and…

  7. 3D Breakdowns (+Reels)

    by 3Dcowboy joined

    824 Videos / 689 Members

    All the awesome Breakdowns and Reels from Vimeo here!! -- Stay updated with the FB page https://www.facebook.com/3Dcowboy -

  8. High-End Visual Effects

    by Lev Kolobov joined

    5,517 Videos / 3,106 Members

    This group is dedicated to visual effects. Please post here, if you are professional who wold like to share your opinion about vfx. Anything that related to film vfx, animation or commercial vfx.

  9. fumefx & particles

    by Prihardimansyah joined

    1,228 Videos / 471 Members

    its all about fumefx and particles

  10. AAU VFX

    by Nathan Hackett joined

    337 Videos / 307 Members

    A collection of Visual Effects by students and alum of the Academy of Art Visual Effects department. For more info on AAU VFX go to http://www.vfxgateway.com A place for * Collaboration * Help *…

  11. Kinetic Thoughts

    by Esteban Cuesta joined

    99 Videos / 571 Members

    A group to discuss, learn and have fun with VFX videos from independent people using Pulldownit plugin

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