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Every hood, barrio and city in America has a Tyrone. The story is a familiar one, either, "I went to school with a Tyrone", "I guess Tyrone is doing good despite his surroundings", "Tyrone owes me money", "you need to call Tyrone", Tyrone got locked up or you heard Tyrone got a church off Martin Luther King street. If there are 8 million stories in the city, then Tyrone's probably involved in about half. The sound of Tyrone is unique it encompasses several aspects of life in the innercity from an old man's wisdom to a grown man's logic but with the spirit and cockiness of a young street kid. Being the music producer and emcee enables Tyrone to control what is being created from the music, lyrics to the complete song. The outcome is not just lyrics over a beat or a hot beat with a few verses but a style from a character that created an image that delivers a remarkable sound. Effortlessly lyrics are spit over everything from blues, soul to classical with topics about taxes, crime, child support, love, GOD and of all things celibacy. Under the name LHAM:7; Tyrone made his dent in the underground with a cameo on C.A.V.E's, "Ice, water and steam", but really set it off with the song "The war" on the Evolution of Hip Hop compilation in which was later picked up by Snowboarder Magazine's "Couching Tiger" DVD and soundtrack. The song displayed his "I don't give a what" attitude as a rhymer, and "unparalleled creativity" as a producer. The incredible break, with cathedral organs, and cannon blasts accompany the war raged lyrics setting the perfect backdrop as proffessional snowboarder's rip down the mountains. The talented musician began playing by ear at 8, running his own studio at 14, and with a record collection in the thousands he's garnered a sound understanding of multiple genre's of music. Lyrically Tyrone's verbal skills are witty, insightful and creative; not to abstract or conscious, but definitely not the unskilled ignorance spit by most of his peers in the community of hip hop. "I am a product of my enviroment without a doubt; just remember everyone who was raised in terrible circumstances do not always become a menace, I represent the poor working class of the innercity, I got grown people issues". Brand new topics, situations and clever wordplay, grace unheard of beats creating a new style.
If there are two words to describe the sound of Tyrone the words would be creativity and versatility.During recording and mixing the best plug ins, and/or processors are utilized to get the desired sound and character for each song. The key to his great song making is to be able to spit different styles and patterns to take each release to the next level. The sound of Tyrone's vocals are unique and with incredible music production it is simply uncomparable. Whether it is the am radio 70's mix for a retro disco break, blues a zydeco mix, or the over dubbed tape track mix of early dub and reggae pioneers; being familiar with the sounds and techniques of various genre's and era's is an asset when setting the tone in music production. A passion for incredible new directions in sound is what prompts and inspire's Tyrone to dig through record crates, 8 track sleeves, cassette cases, sound discs, and the internet to compose ill keyboard and sample chops for the masses to enjoy.

Say no more; vibe out to some of the music downloads or the many records that have featured Tyrone and check for yourself. ONE

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