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This international blog has been created in January 2012 by Taiwan-born and Munich-based Fanning Tseng. Since then, the blog has been followed by a smart and dedicated crowd between 25 -45 years old from all over the world. Our readers – 65 % females and 35% males – are financially quite potential in comparison to teenage readers. MUCstyle enjoys sharing visual stories on fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle through photography, video, reportage and editorial storytelling in English and Chinese language.

MUCstyle is cooperating commercially with designers, brands and PR agencies to promote their products, design or goods through all MUCstyle online media (blog / facebook / twitter / instagram). As a blogger, Fanning presents her style and unique attitude about fashion trends through daily outfit posts. Highest quality in visuals and editorial are basic key elements of MUCstyle blog projects. Advertisers and projects are selected by MUCstyle based on their relevance to the MUCstyle readers and covered topics.

Furthermore, Fanning has gained reputation for her work as photographer for commercial images as well. Besides corporate projects, she can also be booked for private photo shootings, focussing on weddings, pregnancy, new borns, portrait, and family sessions.

Shall we tell your story?

We’d be happy to hear from you. Please email us for your inquiries about rates and packages:

info (at) mucstyle (dot) com

P. S. Please note that MUCstyle does not accept products or gifts in exchange for editorial coverage or blog posts. Thank you.

Your MUCstyle team

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