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  1. cokiyu

    cokiyu Tokyo


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    album: Mirror Flake(flau,2007) Your Thorn (flau,2011) compilations: Echod (flau,2006) Schole Compilation vol.1(shole,2007) Little Things (flau,2008) Kokuhaku Original Soundtrack (hostess,2010) Music For Couples (wonderyou,2011) collaboration (as a singer) Mexico - Bit Suite (tokuma japan…

  2. flau

    flau tokyo


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    flau is a record label and event organize based in Tokyo, Japan. cokiyu / part timer / dale berning / geskia / henning schmiedt / the boats / now / aus / novisad / orla wren / cuushe / el fog / colophon (jefre cantu ledesma) / kumisolo / radiosonde / kanazu tomoyuki / jean-philippe collard-neven /…

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