L.A Clique Clothing Co.

Los Angeles Ca.

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Taking a fresh approach to indie urban fashion, L.A. Clique utilizes forward thinking design elements that transcend all genres of fashion for today's defiant youth, making L.A. Clique a premier fashion outlet for young people from all social cliques. Our design features portray the virtue of not only the city, but of an entire generation committed to the truth of individuality while refusing to be silenced by the status quo.

Often found basking in the limelight of Hollywood blvd. or in the shadows and back alleys of Downtown, this generation personifies who we are and what we represent. With extreme attention to detail, and a precise vision, we don’t just make clothes that look cool. We make statements through the avenue of fashion.

The numerous components of our philosophy make L.A. Clique more than just a fashion brand or even a lifestyle brand. L.A. Clique is the clique of the city, the clique of a generation


The goal of the founders of L.A. Clique was to build a lifestyle brand that would allow them to share with the world, the full spectrum of life in Los Angeles, from the shadows of Los Angeles to the bright lights of Hollywood Blvd. It is because of their passion to share their lifestyle that L.A. Clique was born.

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