Den Bosch, Netherlands

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Stone Bowels - by multi-artist Niels Duffhues.
Niels makes short art films and composes music for the films. He then performs by playing the music live with the films as a live soundtrack. Niels films the world that surrounds us and adds texture, movement, abstract storylines and music to the images; creating transcendental cinema and a different view on reality.

Niels often is commissioned to make movies for festivals, etc. He made movies for and played on: l'Avventura (NL), Onderstroom (NL), Slokdarm (NL), Heliotrope Filmfestival (FR), Concert Chez Moi (FR), BRAAK (NL), KCG/ Gevaarlijk Goed (NL), Misty Fields (NL), Silent Friday (DE). Niels works and performs internationally.

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