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We are located at 13601 E. Alameda Ave. in Aurora, CO 80012 sharing facilities with Peace Mennonite Community Church. We meet twice a week:

Ethnos (eth’-nos) is our Sunday Reformed liturgical worship service. Meaning “a multitude of individuals of the same nature” in Koine Greek (Acts 28:28), Ethnos means to bring God’s covenant people together, regardless of age or background to worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through Scriptural meditation and reflection, prayer, music, and teaching.

Koinos (koi’nos) is our Friday evening Bible study. Meaning “sharing together [and] held in common” in Koine Greek (Acts 2:44), Koinos means to bring God’s covenant people and share in fellowship with one another through monthly activities, outreach opportunities, and rigorous studying of God’s Word.

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