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As Nouvelle Mode Films, Jerod Costa writes, directs and edits films that mix sordid surrealism, demented dark humor, and circus freaks. After toiling for many spells in various musical endeavours, Jerod found his way to the glory that is the cinematic eye. He founded Nouvelle Mode Films and since then hasn't looked back. In early 2007, Nouvelle Mode was nominated for Best Horror Film at the Trail Dance Film Festival for their gritty neo-noir "Run For The Shadows". Soon after they took home the Best Narrative award at the 2007 Underexposed Film Fest for their campy send-up of 1950's life, "Go Out In Style". On the same night, another Nouvelle Mode creation, the cross-dressing music video "Giant", picked up the Audience Choice and Best Music Video awards at the aforementioned festival. "Giant" has also been selected for the admirable Texas Show, and will be played at the closing segment of the 2007 Dallas Video Festival. "Giant" was also a part of the 2007 South by Southwest music video competition. Plenty more macabre and maniacal projects are currently on the horizon...

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