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    TACTIC Plus Toronto, Canada


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    TACTIC is a web-based, open source smart process application and digital asset management system supported by Southpaw Technology in Toronto, ON. Designed to optimize busy production environments with high volumes of content traffic, TACTIC combines multiple levels of functionality (including DAM, PAM…

  2. Rashed El Animator
  3. Matt Dibb

    Matt Dibb Utah


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    I'm an animator! I love animation and the fact that it requires so much creativity, discipline and hard work. I have over 8 years experience animating for video games and short films for studios such as Disney Interactive, Wahoo Studios, React Games, Sensory Sweep Studios, Too Many Legs Animation…

  4. Marc Donahue

    Marc Donahue Plus los gatos, CA


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    Professional Cinematographer. Creator of Dream Music Series and Lyric Lapsing. Specializing in Film, Stop Motion, Motion Control Timelapse, Music Videos, GoPro Array Videos, Commercials & Wedding Services.

  5. Tomás Adame

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