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Manchester, England

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I am a Freelance broadcast engineer currently working with the BBC. I am also a qualified Camera operator, Vision Mixer and Production assistant. I have worked as a camera assistant with Company productions on Channel 4's drama Shameless. I have worked as Production assistant with 12 Yard productions on channel 4's reality TV show Coach trip. I film various live music gigs and Festivals such as Future Perfect 2, Future Perfect 3 and Fantasia. I have also filmed music performances for Channel M's Unsigned and Defined and filmed music performances for Manchester music magazine 4Q. I have done work with PROVISION the North West's leading supplier of equipment to the film and TV industry and also worked at ITV productions.

I am currently working to gain new skills and increase my knowledge further. I am working on a TV program for Channel M about the Manchester rave scene so far which includes interviews with artists such as RATPACK, 808 State, Stu Allen and Journalist John Robb. I have also filmed, edited and produced programs for a series called Sport M Futsal edition which is currently broadcast on Channel M as well as directing my own short programs which are streamed on the Internet.

I have also recently been offered a 6 month contract with the BBC and a job with the Olympic Broadcasting Team. I am experienced in editing video in Final Cut Pro and editing sound in Soundtrack Pro.

I have a number of contacts within the industry so If you have any Festivals, music performances or events you would like filming please email me on


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