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  1. Peace and Nonviolence

    by d wasser joined

    42 Videos / 14 Members

    Videos promoting peace and nonviolent social change.

  2. peace action

    by Public Takeover joined

    20 Videos / 3 Members

    peace action and related videos

  3. Peace Mongers

    by Kribyx joined

    28 Videos / 6 Members

  4. PDN, Inc Patriotic Video Group

    by Dave Jenest joined

    10 Videos / 4 Members

    If it gives you goosebumps and pride in your country, it belongs here.

  5. Army Days- Afghanistan

    by Chase Matthews joined

    10 Videos / 3 Members

    Our days in Afghanistan caught on film

  6. Calvary Bisbee

    by Calvary Bisbee joined

    104 Videos / 3 Members

    Calvary Bisbee proudly teaches through the Holy Bible; book by book and verse by verse. The apostle Paul stresses the importance of teaching every word written in the bible, and Calvary Bisbee is…

  7. Stop War

    by Out in the Street Films joined

    4 Videos / 21 Members

    "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism." - Thomas Jefferson The Stop War Project is a documentary film and web initiative to stop war through pictures (http://stopwar.lafilmonline.com) It…

  8. Justice and Peace

    by Catholic Westminster joined

    19 Videos / 2 Members

  9. Catholic Westminster's Group

    by Catholic Westminster joined

    7 Videos / 3 Members

  10. Catholic

    by Catholic Core joined

    93 Videos / 30 Members

    accept entirety of Dogma, faithful to the Pope, love God with whole heart mind and soul. NewAdvent.org BiblicalCatholic.com CUF.org CatholicCulture.org PureLoveClub.com Vatican.va

  11. Evangelical Catholic

    by The Evangelical Catholic joined

    11 Videos / 12 Members

    A group dedicated to living the teachings of Christ as Catholics in the modern world and to learning how to share Christ's message of love, peace and joy with others in culturally sensitive and…

  12. Catholic talks

    by Leo McDowell joined

    10 Videos / 3 Members

    This is a series of talks given for retreats, as presentations for workshops, or as homilies

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