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    Luxembourg - Italy Visual storytelling, fragments of life, minimalisme, poetry, experimental, short films, music videos & more... "Everything is inspiration, Inspiration is everything!" "Vimeo Staff Picks" https://vimeo.com/48236494 https://vimeo.com/25300707 https://vimeo.com/63898090 https://vimeo.com/24741201 https://vimeo.com/15103655 https://vimeo.com/74353678 Fubiz…

  2. worldtourstories
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    The World's Most Versatile HD Camera...Wear it. Mount it. Love it.

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    Show Love is the storytelling services of duo Peter Crosby (photographer, filmmaker) and Chauncey Zalkin (writer, social content strategist) We look for companies, organizations, and people with stories that need to be told – and we tell them using video, text, tweets, posts, pages, events,…

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