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    by Monta Dambure

    274 Videos / 247 Followers

    Welcome to the CHANNEL FOR CINEPHILES: THE BEST OF 35MM GROUP! 35 MM - A GROUP FOR CINEPHILES! vimeo.com/groups/35mmandrisdamburs Check out 22 group albums! Featured Videos vimeo.com/groups/35mmandrisdamburs/albums/5659 Andrei…

  2. Philip Bloom: My favourite Vimeo videos

    by Philip Bloom

    88 Videos / 3,050 Followers

    If you know of any great videos on here (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE not by yourself) then please let me know in the shoutbox!! These are the ones that I think are just brilliant! It's an eclectic…

  3. Radial Films

    by Wiek Luijken

    5 Videos / 28 Followers

    This channel is used to display the tutorials and shots of Mike Jagodzinski and Wiek Luijken under their Radial Films collective.

  4. Wiek Luijken videos

    by Wiek Luijken

    9 Videos / 4 Followers

    This is where I showcase my CG work

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