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Patrick Gillum Founder of SeurJamz Entertainment was born in Miami, Florida. He has always had a passion for the music industry since his youth. He began promoting at the age of 22. He promoted shows for Too Short, Out Cast, Goodie Mob, Jam Pony DJ’s, Miracle, Cash Money Millionaires, Jt Money, Trick Daddy, Lil John and various other artists during the past decade or so. Patrick stepped away from promoting after violence broke out after a venue that resulted in two deaths. Although the incident happened at an after party he felt that he needed a break. Over the past couple of years Patrick met several artists that were talented but did not have the means to have their music heard. The chief complaint was that the industry was too hard to get into. This ignited the flame that is now known as SeurJamz Entertainment. The company manages, promotes, distributes digitally and physically. When asked what sets his label apart from the rest his response was;” I genuinely love music and feel for those that love it enough to make it. I want to be the vessel that helps them get their music heard throughout the world. I like working with self-motivated individuals that are articulate and most importantly confident. For artists that already have management or choose to be independent I provide them with the service of Distribution and consultation. I am inviting you to join me on my quest to revolutionize the entertainment industry. Long are the days where labels and promoters can count on sound scans to tell how hot an artist is in any particular area. We have to rely on social networks and YouTube because fans are not buying albums like they used to, nor are they buying concert DVDs. We deal with managing, worldwide digital distributors as well as retails stores. Artists that use my services will be getting more than just a show here and there; they'll be heard around the world. We also deal with booking models and dancers. It is my goal to provide all types of music to all types of genres. Especially to bring music to families and I want families to enjoy music without worrying about the content. We also have music for the Streetz.

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