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  1. Dimitris Papaioannou

    Dimitris Papaioannou Plus Athens, Greece


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    DIMITRIS PAPAIOANNOU director, choreographer, visual artist, performer http://dimitrispapaioannou.com Dimitris Papaioannou was born in Athens in 1964. He trained with legendary Greek painter Yannis Tsarouchis. At the age of 19, he turned his hand to comics art, and to contemporary dance in…

  2. Kate Levy

    Kate Levy Plus


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    www.katelevy.virb.com detroitinterviews.tumblr.com katelevyphotography.tumblr.com

  3. Eric Breitbart

    Eric Breitbart New York City (home base)


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    Filmmaker, photographer and journalist... working in France and the USA. Studied at Columbia University and the IDHEC in Paris. U.S. Army photographer (1964-66) Interests: work and its discontents, world's fairs, art in all its manifestations, dance and other expressions of bodily movement

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