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Chance Taylor's films explore the ways in which we interact with each other and our environment, the distance between our ideals and our actions, and how we limit ourselves by creating mental prisons. Using lo-fi techniques and formal experimentation, they offer a reflective experience that is both critical and empathetic.


  1. Frederic Moffet
  2. Jesse Hamel
  3. Jan Mensen
  4. Soda_Jerk
  5. Jesse McLean
  6. Jeremy Moss
  7. lindsay mcintyre
  8. jane gillooly
  9. Migrating Forms
  10. Joe Hambleton
  11. JB MABE
  12. joel wanek
  13. john warren
  14. Georg Koszulinski
  15. Kathleen Rugh
  16. Takahiro Suzuki
  17. MIX NYC
  18. Stephen Broomer

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