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Single,48 yr. old, Mother of three adult children {M/26, F/23 & M/20}, dirty blond, short, hair, Brn. Eyes, 5’4” tall. Lover of GOD, Family, People, Music & Nature ! I write poems & stories. Some of my interests include: studying Spirituality, Religion, Philosophy, Music, Psychology & Para-Psychology, (how they all relate to the inner workings of the human mind, body & soul).
Bare footed May-Oct...
• Favorite Movies: Soylent Green,The Sound of Music,The Color Purple, Amadeus, Patton,Full Metal Jacket,1984,War of the Worlds,Good Morning Vietnam,The Time Machine,Lords of Dog Town,Hook,Star Wars, The Hobbit,The Lord of the Rings,The Color Purple,The Thorn Birds,Where the Red Ferns Grows,Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Rambo,Silence of the Lambs,Brigadoon,Roots,Girl Interrupted, Drop Dead Fred, Dances with Wolves,Singing in the Rain,The Wizard of Oz, Tom Sawyer,Rain Man,Ferris Beuller's Day Off,Forrest Gump & Many More


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