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  1. Timothy Bakland Videography
  2. SalShan Photo & Cinema
  3. GEBBS
  4. jared abrams
  5. Engage Cinema
  6. FX Media
  7. Accesi Wedding Films
  8. geoffheith
  9. stillmotion
  10. Joe Simon Films
  11. Philip Bloom
  12. aira photography
  13. Pacific Pictures
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  1. Red FX commented on Tripod Trix
    Thanks! I was looking to pair up a light but decent tripod with a Panasonic GH2 or Canon 60D. This could be the perfect combo as shown in your video.
  2. Red FX commented on Tripod Trix
    excellent info vid :) what tripod is being used with that canon dslr?
  3. Red FX commented on corsica in Panasonic GH2
    Great video emeric! I am looking to get the GH2 for similar reasons you pointed out (1080p24 mode along with a 720p50 and flip out screen) What does the remainder of your GH2 kit consist of? Lenses, sound, tripod, monopod, kit bag etc? Which…
  4. Red FX commented on LomoTion
    Great mix of timelapse amongst normal free flowing footage. How do you find the 7-14 Vario lens? It seems a hefty investment but seems ideal for tight spaces and events shooting. Your thoughts please?
  5. Impressive video Moving Presentations! Enjoying the filmy and cinematic look. What kit are you using to shoot this bright and colourful sikh wedding?