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Dartmoor, England

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I'm a writer, a painter, a FreeDance teacher and a mother, living in a wonderful corner of Dartmoor, England. My blog, following my adventures trying to get cash for the first three is: Do pay me a visit and share your thoughts. See you there :o).

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  1. Here's the post with this video: Thank you xx
  2. Thanks Pete. Great video. Can I put this/link to this on my blog? Cheers
  3. Much like you say, I sidestep guilt by apportioning my time. And it's about balance: I believe I'm a better parent for modeling creativity and pursuing ambitions; and I'm a better writer for spending half my time living (and, crucially, observing)…
  4. The good news is I think what you're saying is important. The bad news (for me) is I don't know even what genre my novel's in! It's got a bit of flippin' everything in it - eclectic, like me. And NO time for studying lit, although that's on my 'one…