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From an early age, Alexander Shaoul was inspired by classical music, historic paintings, fine art, and antiques, which propelled him into the life of an artist. The grandson of world-renowned Hungarian painter Albert Nemethy Senior, who nurtured his design sense at an early age, Alexander discovered his medium at the age of 15: Motion Pictures. He studied with the New York Film Academy at Princeton University, where he developed his eye for Mise en scène; through a vigorous immersion into the craft and artistry of cinematography and editing, creating a wide variety of visually experimental short films.

In 2001, he moved back to his place of birth: the island of Manhattan, where he continued his film making, and acting education, under the guidance of Jerry Sherlock (producer of The Hunt For Red October) and Ishai Setton (writer/director of The Big Bad Swim, Tribeca 2006, The Kitchen 2012) at the Academy's headquarters in Union Square. In 2004, he was a founding member of StrangeCut Studios, a collective of artists and filmmakers engaged in the creation of groundbreaking cinema, animation, and music video production.

In addition to producing the avant-garde short film, The Model Maker, starring Mark Margolis, along with another immensely ambitious stop motion animation short film, Illumin (directed by David Bell & Joe Scarpulla), Alexander has also produced music videos for Atlantic Records, French Kiss Records, Magic Bullet Records, and Equal Vision Records, among others.

In 2009 Alexander began a collaboration with YaSu Media as an associate producer on their award winning production, Trophy Kids (Dances with Films Festival, Breckenridge Festival of Film, 2011). Alexander also acts on an Executive Producer level, Co financing Cameron Van Hoy's independent production, Shark Proof, 2013 (Ardor Pictures)

Prevention Inc. (2012) will mark his directorial introduction into the world of full length feature film making.


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