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  1. Bill Gates predicted we would never need more than 640K memory in a PC.
  2. BTW the presentation by Darius says nothing about the ordination that occurred at the sanctuary and no one has challenged him on it so far as I am aware. Its kind a bit hard on the argument he has put forward.
  3. @Lizzy You don't want to trust that 1909 Biographical Information Blank on the ground that you don't trust its origin. Would the fact that it came from the EGW Estate be a sufficient source of trust. That and the fact that if you cared to look…
  4. Mark can you PM me. I think I might be able to create an article for your blog that may be useful.
  5. Au Contraire! Have you seen her 1909 Biographical information blank? Take a look at the second page right here She clearly makes…
  6. You bet I am. Anything that moves us away from the bible causes me to build up a head of steam.