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I've spent almost three decades working mostly in the hospitality and tourism fields, first in operations, then in sales and marketing, and then both operations and sales/marketing but in management... I worked for restaurants, hotels, spas, resorts and wholesale tour companies.

But these days, instead of my working for just one of these types of businesses at a time, I decided it would be better to form my own little professional services company, Ramstead VIRTUAL MEDIA, and now these types of businesses are my clients, and I have many of them, the largest of them being the very successful Small Hotels of Palm Springs / Association of Owners and Managers (which I helped co-found in 2004, and where I am currently their CFO).

Plus, among many other things (freelance consulting, recruiting, public relations and advertising), I also own and operate a few very popular destination portal websites of my own: Eat Drink Palm Springs .com / aka Palm Springs Best Places to Eat .com and ART Palm Springs .com.

I am a 58 year old gay male, and except for a few 6-18 month rounds of seriously dating someone I've been mostly single since I was 50. Prior to that I was in two long term relationships; one for 3 years, another one for 23 years. I'm still friends with my ex's - which is nice. And if I don't find one last partner to share my life with, I'll be happy to land in some kind of hybrid version of a "Hot In Cleveland" or "Golden Girls" type of household.

I am equal parts French, Norwegian, Swedish and Irish, and I am very much what you'd expect that particular mixture of DNA to produce. I am a lusty romantic who enjoys erotica. I'm politically a progressive social democrat - very liberal - a very liberty and justice FOR ALL kinda guy. And I'm a fun, funny, friendly guy who enjoys a good drink on occasion...

I was born in Hollywood's Queen of Angels Hospital, and lived in LA's Chinatown district until I was almost six, was raised in the sprawling suburbs of Southern California, spent most summers at southland beaches. I guess I am also very much a predictable product of being raised in California and from watching lotsa television.

I was raised Unitarian Universalist, thank God, though I am pretty much a full ob agnostic. If I was gonna lead a religious life, I'd probably be a UU again, or a Taoist or Buddhist...

I'm big on Facebook: facebook.com/JayRamstead

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  • SHoPS - An exclusive collection of Palm Springs' BEST independently owned and operated small boutique resorts hotels and little inns.
  • Eat Drink Palm Springs .com - aka Palm Springs BEST PLACES to EAT - No Yip Yap Yelpin' Here - just where those who'd know, know to go!
  • ART Palm Springs .com - Making Palm Springs' and its surrounding areas' Artist, Artisan, Photographer, Art Gallery, Studio, Museum, Event and Festival websites easier to find on the internet!
  • Jay Ramstead on Facebook - More an eZine or VideoBlog - lotsa posts about art, music, entertainment, progressive politics, my destination marketing efforts, my social activism, and my other passions...
  • I Live in Palm Springs, CA - Palm Springs OASIS / the Coachella Valley in Southern california, USA
  • My House is FOR SALE! - La Casa de la Familia y Amigos... / ...the House of Family and Friends


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