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Research on representations of the female body, the search for identity, sexual deviance and recovering / uncovering of the body. Choosing plastic interlaces two ideas, both aesthetic and anthropological : defilement and sacralization of the female body. The approach is radical, on the edge between art and sociology, is a total commitment of the flesh in the work. Living picture and Webcam, fairy tale and pornography, fatal or castrating woman, martyr or whore, female wolf or mother … Performance, staging, video, photography, graphic design and installation offers the viewer a plurality of the paradigms based on female archetypes. Sticky material, bodies covered with slimy, fighting with his own instincts, his own body fluids … The whole question lies in the aesthetics of a Christian imagery that carries us between heaven and hell. A dialectic which queries its opposites: between beauty and violence, strength and fragility, between the living and the dead … The question of the abject and the sublime is at the heart of the discourse.
The thesis being committed: Perform the wild woman between defilement and sacralization. Itinerary from a reader of Virginia Despentes and Clarissa Pinkola Estes, led by Jean-Michel Devesa at Bordeaux III.

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