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Flying RC helicopters for film, video, and photography. We have a long list of clients, see our web site for full details, a few recent clients include Disney Studios, Discovery Chanel, Nat Geo, Travel Chanel, many car commercials, Motor Trend, MTV Music Videos and many feature films whom with copyright of the video is not included in our demo reels. We have travel internationally, Canada, Mexico, Europe and resorts to help you capture what what you can not see from the ground, we call beyond the crane.

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  1. Will nice job, KUDOS: Looks like you had a nice trip, any city or villages time lapse? Your edit to the music was perfect. Where is your next country to visit. ?
  2. Mi6 Films commented on Lemon Tart
    Kudos, looking for recipe videos, found your creation of presenting a simple idea, wonderful camera & post work too. Enjoyed the video easy flow, good job. I may copy a few methods for a cooking show we are in process of filming. cheers Rusty